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Old 04-03-2006, 05:21 PM
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Default New members please read me

Hello all of you wonderful people!

We are so very glad to have you here with us. Our Training Center community is one of friendship, caring and concern. Our goal is to help you help yourselves by assisting you with learning to be an eBay seller.

- DOUA is unique. It is made up of a remarkable group of people, who are citizens from many different countries, who have joined hands in a circle of friendship and caring to bring the online world of business to you and others who want only to help and to learn.

- DOUA has a vision. To make it possible for the differently-abled, to expand their world and learn the business of selling on the Internet.

- DOUA is free! You will never be charged for any service by a member, ever!!! We are a volunteer based program and a not for profit organization.

- DOUA believes in a hand up, not a hand out.

All training is done at the Training Center with the aid of our Community Mentors and other Members and Volunteers. This is the hub of our program and where you can come for information, assistance and community events. The Training Center is monitored nearly 24 hours a day. The wealth of knowledge and expertise that our members have to offer is amazing.

Please make yourself at home here at the Training Center. There are tons of things to read and learn! Join in on conversations, post questions or even post an answer to someone else's question if you can!

Make sure and click around the website too, you'll learn lots about DOUA. Here is the link to get you started there: http://www.doua.org/index.html

To get you started on your training we would like you to read the Program Guidelines and the Tutorials. This will give you the basic fundamentals needed to begin selling and to maneuver around the forums.

Have a question? Not sure what something means? Just generally confuzzled? Make a post here at the Training Center and one of our Community Mentors or other members will be along to offer an answer or advice or simply encouragement.

Please feel free to email us at questions@doua.org if you're having difficulty getting started.

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to getting to know you!

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